New advertising for the rink industry...Be Lit! Be Seen!

During intermission, the one thing that captures the attention of the general audience is the ice resurfacing machine.

Now for the first time, your name or logo can be seen and noticed by the whole audience on our revolutionary new Non spinning lighted hub caps.

The Benefits include:

A simple 5-minute installation and removal allows for quick change advertising, unlike dasher boards that require lengthy set up times.

Rent the advertising space on a monthly basis to generate income per wheel

Customers may want one month or the whole year....now they have a choice!

The Battery and electronics have built in motion sensors for the start and stop of the machine to save battery life.

Expect 3-6 working days before unit needs recharging.

Environmentally safe AGM batteries, sealed for safe handling and shipping.

32 Degrees will provide replacement advertising in one to two weeks as needed.

Advertise your rinks events! In between advertising usage to promote upcoming rink happenings!

Call for pricing info on this great new advertising item!