What's NEW at 32

New item for the power edgers...for all of you stick tool users we now offer an eight sided razor sharp insert instead of your single edge tools. Now you can rotate the edge when it's dull instead of letting to stick tool's tip break beyond repair. 

Now with the same stick tools we have made a brand new Billet Aircraft Aluminum Flywheel. This new design utilizes seven teeth to make it differentionally pitched-thus breaking the harmonics of the cutting tools. Mounting is simple and the time gained from the cutting action is above anything.

Benefits of the new 32 Flywheel are:

- Reduce employee edging times...faster cutting!

- Less Noise!

- Virtually No Lines or Waves Left Behind When Cutting!

- Cost Effective and Economical!

This flywheel will be utilized on our new battery powered edger. We will be able to cut with a 17-1/2 swath that is far beyond the battery edgers available in the market today.